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Why it works

At FiduciaryShield, we understand that there are many critical components of a good retirement plan. A plan sponsor needs the confidence of knowing each element of the plan has been optimized for peak performance. Here’s how we can help.

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Plan Design

Errors in plan design can cost money. Improperly designed plans often cause business owners to miss out on opportunities for company-funded contributions, resulting in a major reduction of valuable potential tax savings.

The Better Solution

At FiduciaryShield, we take the time to understand the business and build a custom-tailored plan that fits their needs. The plan will address important issues including eligibility, compensation, contributions, vesting, distributions, and loans.
Whether a 401(k), profit sharing plan, cash balance pension account, or a combination of plans is needed, our streamlined process will provide the perfect options to accomplish their goals.

Fee Structure

High fees can drag down investment performance for both the business owner and their employees. Even worse, they may be held liable for offering a plan with excessive fees. They must ensure they have a firm grasp of all fees, whether disclosed or hidden, and that they receive true value for the money they pay.

The Better Solution

FiduciaryShield plans use cost-effective institutional pricing. We’re completely objective and our pricing structure is 100 percent transparent. We’re diligent about choosing an optimal investment menu designed to give the best opportunity to grow retirement savings.

Fiduciary Protection

Many business owners don’t realize they are responsible for properly administering their 401(k) plans and choosing appropriate investment menus. Unfortunately, lack of knowledge doesn’t relieve them of responsibilities and can be held personally liable for plans that are out of compliance.

The Better Solution

FiduciaryShield is a fiduciary with them. As an ERISA consulting firm, we handle the administrative duties, monitor the plan to ensure compliance, and keep them informed of any regulatory changes. We supervise the plan and help close any compliance gaps.

Administrative Support

Maintaining a 401(k) plan requires a lot of administrative work. Paperwork must be filed, as well as keep up on employees’ eligibility, vesting, contribution processing, proper disclosures, education, process employee distributions, loans, and rollover requests.

The Better Solution

There are better things to do than spend hours on administration. FiduciaryShield is the answer. Our knowledge and experience are exactly what is needed to keep the plan running smoothly. We work closely with the recordkeeper and TPA and take care of the majority of the administrative workload.


Let’s face it, what really matters is the end result: a quality 401(k) plan. Business owners have no interest in spending countless hours coordinating with the recordkeeper, TPA, CPA, plan advisor, and investment fiduciary. They certainly don’t want to be faced with responsibilities that may not be understood.

The Better Solution

FiduciaryShield plays a major role in coordinating the entire team. We work closely with all parties involved to ensure important tasks are completed correctly and on time.

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