Our Services

Partnering with FiduciaryShield, advisors can outsource the administration and compliance responsibilities to focus on their core business. FiduciaryShield has a turnkey 401(k) plan that provides the better solution.

FiduciaryShield Pooled Employer Plan

A FiduciaryShield 401(k) provides total fiduciary liability protection. Our team will handle everything from compliance to approvals to filings and much more.

The Better 401(k)

FiduciaryShield will design a 401(k) plan to meet the employer’s needs.  Our team will review and prepare everything for you so that you can focus on running your company.

Consulting Services

Our team can work with you on just about anything. Our team can determine the best retirement plan all they way through providing a compliance check.

A FiduciaryShield Pooled Employer Plan allows the Employer to outsource all the work and compliance to FiduciaryShield. Our turnkey solution allows your client to provide a retirement plan with little work involved. Everything will be handled by our team so the Employer can focus on their business. Your client will be able to speak with a live Plan Administrator to answer any questions.

FiduciaryShield works with Employers and their Advisors to design a custom plan tailored to their needs. As part of your team, we will administer your client’s plan and pair it with our compliance services. The Employer stays in control using FiduciaryShield as their 401(k) department. As their trusted advisor, you can design the plan investment menu or provide financial coaching and education. We will work with you to deliver a better retirement benefit plan for your client. Your client will be able to speak with a live Plan Administrator to answer any questions.

Sometimes expertise is only needed. Our consulting services can be retained for various needs. FiduciaryShield can assist with retirement benefit plan selection or design. FiduciaryShield can also run your client’s Cash Balance plan for increased retirement and tax savings. We will work together providing the administration while you design the investment menu. We make cash balance plans easy to have.