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401 (k) News

Having a 401(k) is a necessity and FiduciaryShield is here to make it simple for you. Below are three of the many services we can handle for you. Business owners need to know the laws and regulations surrounding their business. Having employees creates another set of regulations to know and follow. Providing a retirement plan […]

We offer two primary service agreements that give you the flexibility to choose the level of service that’s appropriate for your company. 1.) FiduciaryShield 401(k): Named Administrative Fiduciary We provide the following services for you: Plan Selection and Design Implementation Ongoing Plan Administration Compliance Plan Review Online Fiduciary Vault™ On-Demand Reports Work with your Advisor […]

Designed by advisors – for advisors. We’ve been in your shoes, so we “get it.” FiduciaryShield is committed to helping advisors nationwide generate additional revenue for their business, without the unnecessary risks. Our retirement plan solutions are customized for your clients, while reducing your liability. We partner with your advisory firm to provide retirement plan […]

We’re a month into the New Year…it’s time to bring your “save money” resolutions to the next step and FiduciaryShield is here to help! We simplify the 401k process and save you money with no catch! Your best assets are yourself and your employees. We are motivated by a belief to take care of both. […]

FiduciaryShield was built from the ground up to fix the broken and outdated 401(k) model. Our team will first collaborate with you on designing a plan best suited for your client, and then provide ongoing administration and compliance support. Too often, investment options are confusing and inappropriate. Plans have unexpected and costly fees,and plan administration […]

  • 401k service providers

Do you know who the fiduciaries are on your 401(k) plan and what they’re responsible for? If you’re a business owner sponsoring a company retirement plan, the answer to this question had better be yes. That’s because you’re ultimately liable for ensuring that all aspects of your plan are administered appropriately.

Here’s a look at three primary service providers that you might have on your plan, and the role each should be expected to play.

  • The 7 Biggest Plan Sponsor Concerns for 2019

Seven major issues are currently plaguing 401(k) plan sponsors. Here’s what the major plan sponsor concerns are and why you should be concerned, too.

  • Safe Harbor 401k

Many business owners hesitate to offer a 401(k) because they’re concerned about expenses and administrative headaches. The Safe Harbor 401k creates opportunities for business owners of all sizes.

  • fiduciary lawsuit

By now, most business owners understand that offering a company retirement plan creates some liability, but are you really clear on exactly what you’re responsible for? The defendants involved in the fiduciary lawsuits of Tibble v. Edison International and Sacerdote v. New York University found out the hard way. A close look at the details […]

  • Fidelity 401k Lawsuit

Financial services giant Fidelity Investments, Inc. is in the news again, this time for allegedly mismanaging its company 401(k) plan. The Fidelity 401k lawsuit, filed on October 10th, 2018, alleges that the company engaged in self-dealing by loading its 401k fund line-up with proprietary products. The suit claims that these actions created a profit for […]

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