For Advisor Partners:

Designed by advisors – for advisors. We’ve been in your shoes, so we “get it.” FiduciaryShield is committed to helping advisors nationwide generate additional revenue for their business, without the unnecessary risks. Our retirement plan solutions are customized for your clients, while reducing your liability. We partner with your advisory firm to provide retirement plan […]

Staying Out of Court: A Plan Sponsor’s Guide to Protecting Yourself from Fiduciary Lawsuits

By now, most business owners understand that offering a company retirement plan creates some liability, but are you really clear on exactly what you’re responsible for? The defendants involved in the fiduciary lawsuits of Tibble v. Edison International and Sacerdote v. New York University found out the hard way. A close look at the details […]

Allegations of 401k Plan Mismanagement Put Fidelity in Hot Water (Again)

Financial services giant Fidelity Investments, Inc. is in the news again, this time for allegedly mismanaging its company 401(k) plan. The Fidelity 401k lawsuit, filed on October 10th, 2018, alleges that the company engaged in self-dealing by loading its 401k fund line-up with proprietary products. The suit claims that these actions created a profit for […]

The 401k Plan is (Finally) Small-Business Friendly

“401(k) plans are only appropriate for large corporations. They’re far too expensive and time-consuming to make sense for small business owners.” – Right? Wrong! While this may have been true at one time, major changes in the retirement plan industry have now made this statement outdated and misinformed. A shift away from high-priced plans with […]

5 Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Outsourced Administrative Fiduciary for Your 401(k) Plan

As an employer sponsoring a 401(k) plan, you’re tasked with a great amount of responsibility. When it comes to requirements like choosing proper investment options, understanding distribution regulations, and properly filing government reports, many business owners are pushed out of their comfort zones. Luckily, no one expects you to know how to do it all. […]