Five Costly 401(k) Errors Employers Often Make

Offering a 401(k) can be a double-edged sword for business owners, at once attracting and keeping top talent while creating what is often an administrative nightmare for themselves. That doesn’t even take into account the heavy burden of being a fiduciary to a retirement plan. Because of these complications, business owners will most often either […]

The Seven Biggest Concerns for 401(k) Plan Sponsors

At FiduciaryShield, we want every financial advisor who oversees 401(k) plans for their clients as well as each plan sponsor who manages their own plan to offer the best possible product. We mean whether they choose to work with us or not. That’s why we offer these important tips to help financial advisors and plan […]

401(k) Fiduciary Liability: Understanding the Role Service Providers Play

Do you know who the fiduciaries are on your 401(k) plan and what they’re responsible for? If you’re a business owner sponsoring a company retirement plan, the answer to this question had better be yes. That’s also true if you’re a financial advisor overseeing 401(k) plans for your business-owning clients. That’s because you’re liable for […]

A Guide to Providing The Better 401(k)

As a financial advisor, you know your client is already looking out for their employees and the good of their company when they tell you they want to offer a 401(k). That’s mainly because it attracts and keeps talented people as well as providing some tax benefits for the plan sponsor, your client. You likely […]

ATTENTION FINANCIAL ADVISORS: It’s Time To Get Your 401(k) Vaccination

As a financial advisor looking to add 401(k) services, you should know how important it is to be proactive about ERISA. Looking down the road for potential pitfalls and addressing them before they can happen makes you far less likely to have plan errors. It’s also affords you and your client, the plan sponsor, a […]

FiduciaryShield makes the 401k Plan Small-Business Friendly

It used to be that 401(k)s weren’t small business-friendly, that employers at small companies couldn’t offer this benefit that attracts and keeps top talent. But that has changed over recent years, as we explain here. In fact, for financial advisors who see the potential in facilitating 401(k) services for a client, there are incredible opportunities, […]

Understanding the Role of a Fiduciary

Most financial advisors who truly care about their business-owning clients understand how important it is for companies to attract and keep top talent. They know a solid 401(k) plan is something employees want, and they know that small business owners can benefit greatly by offering a plan and taking part in it to prepare for […]

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Many Business Owners Offering 401(k) Plans Fail to Meet Fiduciary Duties

Business owners and financial advisors have become increasingly wary of the responsibilities they take on when offering 401(k) and 403(b) retirement plans. That’s thanks to the Department of Labor shining a light on what “fiduciary duties” means and the liability those duties create. It’s understandable. These changes caused giants in the industry — among them […]