Plan Your Exit

What most people don’t realize is that small businesses are the backbone of the economy. Amazon didn’t grow to a $130 billion company overnight. Each and every business starts small. Small businesses take risks and invest their time, capital, love, sweat, and maybe a tear or two into their company. 

Small businesses have a passion like no other… but what does retirement look like? Is there a plan? What’s your exit strategy from your own small business?

At FiduciaryShield, we work with small business owners to show them how to create their own exit strategy. 

FiduciaryShield works directly with your advisor and CPA to find ways to turn your company revenue into personal gains by being tax-efficient, handling your investments, and managing your wealth through a company-sponsored retirement plan. 

Typical 401(k)s render your business responsible for ERISA compliance, plan administration, risk management, and more. As a small business owner, do you really have time for all of that? Do you have an advisor? Are you or your advisor an expert in ERISA? Most likely, no. But that’s where we step in!

FiduciaryShield’s 401(k) renders your business responsible for… simply creating a product or service and offering it to your clients at the highest quality and the best value! Our company is now responsible for managing your 401(k) options by our knowledgeable experts who perform all administration tasks. Your financial advisor is still part of the process, but he or she only provides financial guidance to your employees, as a service to your staff – and to you – as you prepare for retirement. 

Are you ready to develop your business’s exit strategy and save time, money, and headaches? Contact us today!