Which FiduciaryShield Service is Right for You?

We offer two primary service agreements that give you the flexibility to choose the level of service that’s appropriate for your company.

1.) FiduciaryShield 401(k): Named Administrative Fiduciary

We provide the following services for you:

  • Plan Selection and Design
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing Plan Administration
  • Compliance Plan Review
  • Online Fiduciary Vault™
  • On-Demand Reports
  • Work with your Advisor and CPA
  • Ongoing Compliance Monitoring


2.) FiduciaryShield Consulting: This service is great for business owners considering a new company retirement plan or seeking an analysis of your current offering. This service includes plan selection as well as plan benchmarking, comparison and review.

Plan Selection: There are many options available for business-sponsored retirement plans. While doing your evaluation, you will hear terms like:

  • Qualified
  • Non-qualified
  • Profit Sharing
  • New Comparability
  • Safe Harbor
  • 401(k)
  • And more!

Part of our Consulting Service – Plan Benchmarking, Comparison, and Review: These reports are designed to help you meet your fiduciary duty as a plan sponsor. Digital copies of your reports are maintained in your secure online Fiduciary Vault™, so you’re always ready for an audit.

These reports include:

  • Plan Design and Structure Review
  • Plan Fund Analysis
  • Fee and Cost Comparison (vs. at least three other record keepers)

Not sure which service you need?

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