For Advisor Partners:

Designed by advisors – for advisors.

We’ve been in your shoes, so we “get it.” FiduciaryShield is committed to helping advisors nationwide generate additional revenue for their business, without the unnecessary risks.

Our retirement plan solutions are customized for your clients, while reducing your liability. We partner with your advisory firm to provide retirement plan solutions while reducing the cost to you and your clients.

Better Plan Design

Plans are custom designed for every Plan Sponsor to maximize the benefit from offering a 401(k). While most advisors rely on a TPA to handle the details, FiduciaryShield collaborates with you, the Planner/Advisor, so you maintain important client relationships and remain positioned as the EXPERT.

Better Fiduciary Protection

Liability protection goes beyond investment selection and monitoring services. This is where most plans stop. With a FiduciaryShield 401(k), Plan Sponsors and Advisors receive the added benefit of an Administrative Fiduciary working alongside them for a comprehensive solution.

Better Fee Structure

Our fees are low by any standard. As a matter of fact, partnering with FiduciaryShield reduce plan costs by up to 65%. Better yet, FiduciaryShield’s 401(k)s offer 100% fee transparency and the flexibility to pay fees inside or outside the plan. Why is this such a BIG DEAL? The right plan design gives advisors the edge by minimizing liability, maximizing tax savings, and reducing fee drag on retirement savings for your clients and their employees.

Better Administration Support

Advisors and Planners, do you want to get bogged down dealing with the back office responsibilities of servicing 401(k) plans? We didn’t think so. At the same time, most businesses don’t have a dedicated benefits specialist handing details. FiduciaryShield solves both challenges with a solution differentiating Advisor practice with a fully outsourced retirement plan department, while eliminating the training time a business would need to sponsor a 401(k) plan.

Better Results

FiduciaryShield is the BETTER solution for YOU and your business clients you serve. It’s time to fix the broken 401(k) model. Together we’ll transition retirement plans into a profitable business service. Partner with FiduciaryShield today!