The 401(k) Model is Broken. We believe in a better process that delivers a better plan that will reduce work, fees, and liability. A FiduciaryShield 401(k) is a turnkey product for Advisors that provides them with their own 401(k) department.

How it works

Better Plan Design

At FiduciaryShield, we take the time to understand the business and build a custom-tailored plan that fits their needs.

Better Protection

FiduciaryShield is a fiduciary with them. As an ERISA consulting firm, we handle the adminduties, monitor to ensure compliance and more.

Better Fees

FiduciaryShield plans use cost-effective institutional pricing. We’re completely objective and our pricing structure is 100% transparent.

Better Support

There are better things to do than spend hours on administration. FiduciaryShield is the answer.

Better Results

FiduciaryShield plays a major role in coordinating the entire team. We work closely with all parties involved to ensure important tasks are completed correctly and on time.


Independent Third Party Administration & Compliance Oversight

FiduciaryShield was created for advisors, by advisors. We’ve been in your shoes, so we “get it.”

Offering retirement plans is a great way to grow your book of business and expand the relationship with your business-owner clients. Ensuring your clients have a quality retirement plan in place helps them build up a larger nest egg while helping you increase your assets under management.

Unfortunately, company retirement plans are so heavily regulated that managing them can become a liability.

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Offering a 401(k) Shouldn’t Be a Liability

You don’t know what you don’t know and as your partner, FiducairyShield is there to manage and administer the plan to keep everyone in compliance.

A company-sponsored retirement plan is one of the top ways to attract and retain quality employees. Unfortunately, many business owners fail to realize the challenges and complexities involved in designing, administering, and maintain their plans.

Without the right team in place, the plan quickly becomes an unwanted burden, creating a serious liability for them and their business,

What Makes Us Different?


Administrative Solutions

We are the outsourced 401(k) experts with a turnkey solution.

FiduciaryShield Design flexibility.

Fiduciary Compliance

Our prudent process answers all compliacne requirements.


Better Results

We make offering a 401(k) plan profitable for financial advisors with far less work and worry.

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